"We're all like tools. Not only like tools, we are tools, tools of Time. We're worn into grooves by Time — by our habits. ... By choosing our habits, we determine the grooves into which Time will wear us; and these are grooves that enrich our lives and make for ease of mind, peace, happiness - achievement." - Frank B. Gilbreth
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Muth Mirror Systems

I am currently a Manufacturing Engineer for Muth Mirror Systems. A few of my responsibilities include reducing assembly line and machine downtime, over seeing facility safety and improving product quality. New challenges are presented to me every day and I look forward to solving them to make Muth a world leader and in the automotive industry. 

Six Shooter Ranch

For the final summer of my college career I chose to do something a bit different. I took a job as a summer project manager at the Six Shooter Ranch in Mitchell, Oregon. This job allowed me to build on my professional skills such as managing vendors and contractors, conflict resolution, and meeting deadlines as well as personal aspirations. I was in charge of several projects including designing and constructing a flood irrigation system, utilizing historical water rights, mapping existing roads and coordinating contractors on a variety of projects.  




In January of 2015 I started my 8 month CoOp at Graco in the ST Cell in Rogers Minnesota. I worked as a manufacturing engineering CoOp under Jill Haubenschild. With the help of several other CoOps and the cell engineer I managed three production lines that produced Graco's small electric contractor grade paint sprayers. When running at average volume, 500 units were sent out the door everyday. Some of my projects at Graco included fixture design, time studies, tool repair tracking, maintaining standard work documents, unit label organization, FMEA, improving cost of quality, improving reference location accuracy and continuous improvement. At Graco I was able to put many of the skills I had learned in school to use. Microsoft Excel and Access were heavily utilized in the facility and I quickly learned how to manipulate data sets to find the information I was looking for. By using an Excel macro I wrote, I was able to track productivity inconsistencies by  analyzing employee break duration. I learned a tremendous amount at Graco and value every day I worked there.



Muth Mirror Systems

Muth Mirror Systems was my home for two summers during my college career and is where I am working after I graduate from Iowa State University. The first summer was in manufacturing engineering where I assisted in new product launch by reviewing test parameters and finalizing product documentation. I also created standard work documentation and worked on a project that reduced box size by 66%. In 2014 I was in the Controls Engineering department and assisted in new testing equipment design and roll out as well as designed and built adjustable footrests for machines as part of a comprehensive plant ergonomic study. I conducted testing on products to validate adhesion requirements and I spearheaded a project that reduced changeover time by 20%.